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The remarkable team of professionals who are ignited and inspired by creativity is the distinguished feature as well as strong point of Pix'n'Graphix. Each one possessing unique skills and exposure towards various fields gives unique touch to the client's solutions & services.


We attract and retain most talented professionals and encourage their professional development. Teamwork on each project and mutual learning sessions gives each professional better understanding of various subjects and increases teamspirit. The driving force is - "There is no limit for imagination and to make it reality. When it is complemented with professional approach, well defined development model and teamwork, world can follow your footsteps!"


Marketing division

People often feel surprised when we say we don't have typical marketing department but all of us manage technical as well as marketing side of the company. Although, it seems totally different than general business process, we are very clear about this practice. At Pix'n'Graphix we believe that to understand the requirements of clients we shouldn't rely on any non-technical or half technical person. This model of marketing has given us more insight towards client's requirements. Even during the development process or during the maintenance stage after delivering the solution, we know the best about the functionality of solution. Overall result - it gives us strong momentum to rapidly implement the concept in any phase of solution development.


R & D division

Research on imaginations and creativity can't be done! Our research and development department is more focused on brainstorming on various topics. Our proprietary system to record results of such brainstorming gives us further scope for analyzing the concepts. The technical implementation is the next step. It requires detailed and through understanding and learning of the tools and technologies we use for solution development. Here we define the scope by sharing expertise of our development team. These kind of R&D sessions which also get extended with discussions and expressions through text, pictures, photographs, essays etc. are part of our development model. Visits to art festivals and seminars further enhance our mind frames!

Pix'n'Graphix has experience of compiling dedicated offshore teams with specific skills for our partners using our database of preselected specialists. To learn more about the benefits of our partnership program click here.


Want to know more about the clique that clicks .. Here we go ..

Nilesh Trivedi

Nilesh Trivedi

graphic designer

It seems sometimes that Nilesh has the deep impression of art culture belong to Paris. He holds Fine Arts degree. Meet Nilesh! With his capability to see the other side of any aspect and superlative graphics designing abilities he will show your imaginations on computer screen. In conversation with you he will capture your idea and key points and will show you in his creation. Very organized person in life, Nilesh's artistic and creative mind can be seen easily from his overall personality.
Preeti Bhadesia

Preeti Bhadesia

multimedia master

Purely pretty by nature Preeti is the queen of concepts. Her mastery is on all kind of animations, 2D and 3D media creation. Quietly enjoying the brainstorming in her mind Preeti will render the motion of your idea on computer screen. Her superior strengths of analyzing and conceptualizing the ideas can be easily marked by her introvert nature.
Nirmal Patel

Nirmal Patel

multimedia designer

Nirmal seems to be proving his name true. This quite and soft spoken guy is very much dedicated to his work. Nirmal has stronghold on 2D media creation related to animations, presentations and design concepts.
Qutub Bharmal

Qutub Bharmal

web programmer

Qutub, the maestro of all the nitty-gritty of Web. He holds Masters degree in Computer Applications. Qutub possess the unique approach to deliver solutions which turns complexity into the simplicity. This charming guy's pleasant personality itself gives you the assuring and relaxing smile. Qutub's analytical mind, contingency approach towards solution and understanding of web structure obviously makes him the spider man of www.
Vicky Mehta

Vicky Mehta

software developer

Developing software to implement business processes always fascinates this guy. Certainly, you will come out of the general conceptions about software developers of being mostly quiet and living with extra sophistication after meeting Vicky. Being jolly and sharp at a time is the special characteristic of Vicky. He has superior abilities and experiences of software engineering on Microsoft technologies.
Veer Chauhan

Viral Chauhan

script writer

If you find Viral introvert at first glance then just wait, he has some better words to represent your thoughts and you'll find him unstoppable chatter later. Obsessively in love with rock music, reading, writing and open source technologies, this guy also steal time to roam around and to have long drives. While playing zig-zag of words of English, Hindi and Gujarati he respects languages in their pure form.



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