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The Pix'n'Graphix partnership program is designed while keeping rapidly changing IT industry into the center. The main focus is on creating strategic network of skilled and reputed companies and sharing expertise. The symbiosis where both the partners benefits. Pix'n'Graphix offers partnership with outsourcing focus on both the sides.

Why Pix'n'Graphix for partnership?


  • Greater profit margins
  • Flexible approach
  • Shared expertise
  • Best services

While outsourcing your work to Pix'n'Graphix or getting work outsourced to your company, we work-out flexible policy where there are greater profit margins and benefits at both the sides. We believe that long term relations in business can be beneficial. This could be achieved by apply flexible approach for work too. Of course, without compromising quality of solutions and services. Sharing expertise is one of the key factor for today's rapidly changing demands. This could help in reducing investments in learning new trends and tools. And at major extent we can save time to focus on actual work.

Our Perspective Partners Are:


  • Web-hosting companies, looking to offer web-design and development to their customers
  • Software development companies, seeking for graphic design specialists to outsource GUI design to
  • Web development companies, looking to expand service offering and project capabilities
  • Marketing and branding strategy consulting agencies, looking to add value to their services by engaging proficient graphic designers and strategists off-shore

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